Village Of Barneveld
 Applications & Forms 

Zoning and Building Permit Application

Zoning Application is $15, payable to the Town of Trenton. Building Permit fee varies.
2 weeks
Where to Apply:

Village Clerk's Office or Town of Trenton Clerk's Office




One application is used for Zoning and Building Permit approval.   The Village Zoning Law is available at the Village Clerk's Office.

Zoning applications are required for all new construction, expanding the perimeter or height of any existing structure, swimming pools, tennis courts, satellite dishes, or any other accessory structure regardless of size. Any change in use of a structure requires a permit.

Zoning applications are not required for fencing, driveways, walkways, dry wells, septic systems or any repairs, renovations or remodeling that does not change the existing shape, height or usage of a structure. Exemption from a zoning permit does not necessarily mean exemption from a Building Permit.


Please contact the Town of Trenton Zoning Department for information on zoning or the Town of Trenton Codes Department for information on Building Permits.  The Trenton Municipal Center is located at 8520 Old Poland Rd., Barneveld.  315 896-2664.