Village Of Barneveld
 Historical Photos 

Boon House, oldest in the village, 121 Mappa Ave., built 1794

Historical Photos

If you have any old pictures or postcards of Barneveld please contact us so we can include them on our site. We will scan and return them to you.


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Van's Tavern - circa early 1900s, corner of Boon St. & Remsen Rd., formerly Brooklyn House, built 1798, burned 1988
Mappa Ave. looking east down Boon St., on the left is the Telephone office with Ellis Griffith & 2 phone operators; the Barbershop with Will Thomas & Robert Widman
Mappa Ave. looking south
Northam & Williams Department Store, corner of Mappa Ave. & Wicks Pl., circa 1920
Hotel Moore & water tub
Mappa Ave.
Mappa Ave.
Alger & Barker Store, corner of Mappa Ave. & Boon St., circa 1920, Paul Barker, Charles Wells, W.D. Alger
Alger & Barker Store, inside, Whitman Alger, Paul Barker, circa 1910
Mappa Ave. looking east down Boon St., telephone office & barber shop on the left
Old Schoolhouse, Mappa Ave., built 1906 and used until 1959
Blacksmith Shop, Boon St. (Rt. 365), across from the old firehouse, circa 1908
Bill Thomas House, 136 Mappa Ave., circa 1906
Rubble Manor, now Mappa Hall, built 1809
Wicks Mansion, now Mappa Hall, built 1809
Methodist Church, Mappa Ave., built 1848
Dr. Guiteau's office on left, in front of Guiteau home, Unity Hall on right
Barneveld Library, Boon St., built 1877
Barneveld Library circa 1940s
Barneveld Library, Carrie Moore, Librarian
Unitarian Church, Park Ave., built 1816
Interior of Unitarian Church, 1940s, Rev. Charles Girelius
Nicholson House, in front of Mappa Hall, corner of Wicks Pl., burned 1938
Old Schoolhouse & Town Hall, corner of Mappa Ave & Steuben Valley Rd., built 1844, razed 1924
IOOF Temple, later Masonic Temple, 111 Boon St., built 1906
Barneveld's historic elm tree, Boon St., largest in the state, taken down in 1978, estimated to have been 201 years old
Boon St. looking east, candle factory on left where Candlewyck Park is now
Boon St. looking east
Hawthorne Hall, 156 Mappa Ave, circa 1920
Hawthorne Hall, 156 Mappa Ave.
Junction of the Cincinnati & Steuben Creeks
Van der Kemp House, third oldest in the village, 102 Vanderkemp Ave., built 1797
Van der Kemp House
Trenton Market, Post Office & Livery Office, circa 1895, corner of Mappa Ave. & Boon St. (Rt. 365)
Ladies & child at Trenton Market
Rising Sun Lodge (Masons), 1807-1821, corner of Mappa Ave. & Boon St. (Rt. 365)
Fire of 1923, Mappa Ave., damaged or destroyed almost all the buildings between Wicks Pl. & Boon St.
Vanderkemp Ave. looking north, circa 1900
Hotel Moore, Mappa Ave., circa 1910, built 1800
Thomas Wheeler House, 142 Mappa Ave.
Masonic Temple, now Word Bible Fellowship, corner of Mappa Ave. & Boon St. (Rt. 365), built 1927
Daniel French House, circa 1950, 122 Boon St., built circa 1830
Howe House, built circa 1820, 132 Boon St.
Thomas C. Hubbart, in kitchen of Howe House, circa Civil War
St David's Episcopal Church, Mappa Ave.
Water Tub, Park Ave., last public water tub still in use
Old Stone Meeting House & Presbyterian Church, 146 Mappa Ave., built 1822
Cincinnatus Inn, first post office, Guiteau House, second oldest house in the village, built 1797, 100 Vanderkemp Ave.
Dr. Horr House, 115 Mappa Ave.
Barneveld Busy Corner
Boon St. looking east
Boon St. looking east in the winter
Boon St. looking west
127 Boon St., circa 1940
Trenton Market in the winter
Hotel Moore & cement water tub
Hotel Moore & wooden water tub
Andrew Carman & family, upper Boon St., across from old firehouse
Unity Hall, Vanderkemp Ave., built 1895
North Street looking north, now Remsen Rd.
David Lincoln Williams Blacksmith Shop, Remsen Rd., across from Van's Tavern
David Lincoln Williams Wagon & Repair Shop, Remsen Rd., where Square Stamping is now, circa 1915
Remsen Road, circa 1960s
Slocum Farm, now Craeg Manor Farm, just outside village on Mappa Ave.
View of village from Mt. Eliza, looking down Remsen Rd., Wa-No-Ka Greenhouse on right
View from Mt. Eliza, looking south at Remsen Rd.
Mt. Eliza, looking north from the village
Nearby Trenton Falls
Mappa Ave. shadows, early 1900s
102 Boon St.
Trenton Team June 1889
Trenton Citizen's Band (IOOF Band)
Vehicle accident, four corners, 1938
Cincinnati Creek Dam, behind former Unitarian Parsonage
Mappa Ave. 1907
Boon St. looking west circa 1920s
Haskell's Garage, Chrysler Dealer, Mappa Ave.
Gulf Gas Station Mappa Ave.